Happy days

Thank you stuart,
I was very worried when I found out I had to head home to the UK for a funeral as leaving my dog Charlie is not something I enjoy. A couple of days away from home and leaving my dog I was nervous.
Talking with my friend one night they told me they had used stuart to look after their 5 dogs and he was brilliant. Regular updates and chat in regards to there pups.
So I gave Stuart a call, he was able to fit me in on the 3 days I needed. He put me at ease straight away, told me he would come and meet me and Charlie a couple of days before I went, help me out with the barking when Charlie sees another dog and I generally enjoyed his chit chat.

So the day came where I went away. Stuart came to the house and I showed him around again, once he found Charlie’s ball, Charlie was more than settled with him. Off they went to play and I went to the airport.
I received messages the whole time I was away, telling me Charlie was doing good, enjoying his walks even sent me pictures of him sleeping in his usually place, made me smile while I was having a horrendous time in the UK.

I will definitely be using stuart again, Charlie loved the attention from playing ball 24:7, not so sure Stuart’s arm is ok. Sorry stu…
Brilliant service, Brilliant guy, Happy dog, Happy owner!!!

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