The Right Service With Loving Care

If you’re like most pet lovers, you hate leaving your pet in unfamiliar surroundings when you travel. You can arrange for friends and neighbors to take care of your pet at home, but often they’re too busy and you don’t like to impose.

Our Service provides your dog, cat, and/or other pets the care they need while you are away – right in your own home.


While you’re away, your pets will:

Stay in a secure, familiar environment
Follow their customary routine and diet
Avoid exposure to illness from other animals
Recieve loving individual attention

You can leave home with peace of mind, knowing that you’ve left your home and pet(s) in our good hands.


Most pets are happier and more relaxed in their home environment. Dogs enjoy the company we can provide, as well as playtime and walks. Dogs have a special place in our hearts and our pet sitters will enjoy pampering your pooch.

Your  house sitter will live in your property to ensure security and peace of mind in your absence. They will care for your pets – take them for appropriate exercise, feed them at their usual times, groom them and, most important, the house sitter will give them lots of love and cuddles whilst you are away. Your pets can enjoy the familiar environment of home which is ideal for more nervous pets or those with complex medical needs.


Our Service Includes

Lots of Love for Your Pet
Fresh, Clean Bowls Daily
Same Friendly Face Daily

Plenty of Play Time and Exercise
Same Diet and Feeding Routine
Radio or Television Playing
Trash Can Placement and Removal
Watering Plants
Litter Box Scooping
Setting Alarms
Pet Waste Cleanup
Dog Walking

Whilst we are sitting your pets

We bring all our own bedding,food,toiletries for the duration of the stay.